For over two decades, Vero Vellini has been producing the finest slings, straps and accessories . Using only top grade components and construction methods, Vero Vellini has helped hunters and outdoor people carry their gear in every condition imaginable.

A pioneer of the neoprene sling, Vero Vellini sets itself apart with their three-layer Air-Cushion neoprene sandwiching that makes a sling that is comfortable, but not excessively bouncy. The neoprene, combined with other flexible materials, offers comfort by stretching slightly with every step and absorbing the shock generated by walking or hiking.

The Vero Vellini line includes a full range of rifle and shotgun slings and binocular straps and harnesses designed to meet any hunter’s preference and taste. Every Vero Vellini sling features leather end panels for a classic look and non-slip rubber backing for a superior carry. From Wide-Top Rifle slings to Tactical and Shotgun slings, from binocular and camera straps to the Bino-Pal™ binocular harness, Vero Vellini takes European craftsmanship and combines it with modern materials to achieve the ultimate in balance, comfort and style.

Vero Vellini’s range of cartridge cases fit comfortably on your belt and protect precision ammunition while keeping it ready for fast, instant access.