The Pioneer Research family of brands

The Pioneer Research family of brands

Pioneer Research is the global headquarters for the brands SeaLife, Vero Vellini and other outdoor products.   We are located in Moorestown, New Jersey, about 10 miles northeast of Philadelphia, PA.

SeaLife is the worlds leading manufacturer of cameras, lighting and accessories for scuba diving, snorkeling and watersports.   The SeaLife brand centers around the production of underwater cameras, which parent company Pioneer Research have created after years of research and development.   Starting from humble beginnings with one item, the original ReefMaster 35mm camera, the brand has evolved into digital cameras and is the most well-known underwater camera brand worldwide.  Today SeaLife includes cameras, underwater dive and imaging lighting, and a wide range of photo and diving accessories.   The SeaLife brand encompasses about 100 retail items available through its distribution network of 800+ US retailers and distributors around the world.   Please visit the SeaLife website at

For over 20 years, Vero Vellini has been producing some of the finest hunting slings and straps in the industry. Using only top grade components and assembly methods, Vero Vellini has helped hunters carry their rifle or shotgun in every condition imaginable. A pioneer of the neoprene sling, Vero Vellini sets itself apart with their three-layer Air-Cushion neoprene sandwiching that makes a sling that is comfortable, but not excessively bouncy. The neoprene, combined with other flexible materials, means a sling that will stretch slightly with every step and absorb the shock generated by walking or hiking. To view all Vero Vellini products, visit

Our other brands

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